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Tri Point Regional Our Little Miss is a division of Our Little Miss, a family organization that has proudly been hosting natural, scholarship pageants for over 60 years.  Girls are encouraged to be themselves and learn wonderful developmental skills like self-confidence, stage presence, communication and poise.  We encourage family participation and our events are guaranteed to leave everyone with new friends and lasting memories.

How much does it cost?

Preliminaries cost $100.

What do they win?

On the preliminary level we award crowns, trophies, sashes and an invitation to compete at the regional pageant.
Regional winners receive rhinestone crown, monogrammed banner, scepter,crown box, OLM velvet robe (1 year use) and much more.

Are you an agency?  How can we get our child into commercials and or modeling?

We are not an agency. We can and do offer the experience that is necessary if your child or you should choose to pursue that goal. Sometimes we are able to forward information from modeling and talent agencies to you.

What kind of clothes does my child have to wear?

First of all, our wardrobe is very different than any other “pageant system”. We want to showcase your child, not their overly expensive wardrobe.

What do I bring with me on Pageant Day?

Causal Wear  – Any outfit of your choice, examples: slacks and nice shirt, business suit, short outfit, Capri outfit etc… this is a fun category to express who you really are.

Party Wear - Girls under 10 should wear a street length dress they might wear to Church on Easter Sunday. Ages 10 & up should wear a formal gown. No make-up is allowed on girls under age 10.

Talent/Tot Personality – infant-6 years -Simple church style dress or nice sundress.
7-20 years, any talent outfit of your choice.

Playtime - Khakis and white tshirt at prelims and TriPoint shirt (provided at regionals)

At the different levels of competition (Regional & World) they are required to have a few more outfits for rehearsals, productions numbers, interviews, parties and meals.

Interview - Ages 3 & up, business attire and are held at the regional pageant.

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