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General Wardrobe Guidelines

Our Little Miss is a non-glitz pageant.   However, pearls, jewels, sequins, etc. can be worn on Party Dress and Evening Gowns.  We ask that it be conservative and allow the delegate to shine first... not the dress!


Clothing Guidelines and Suggestions

Interview (Close-Up Appraisal)

This is a time for the judges to see contestants up close and get to know them better! Chaperones for 0-2 contestants will introduce their contestant with their name, age (in months) and hometown. They will then tell the judges 2 or 3 fun/interesting facts about their contestant. Contestants ages 3 and up will introduce themselves to the judges by stating their name, age, city, and state followed by a basic pivot. Contestants will then answer a set of age-appropriate questions. Contestants can wear a DRESS/ PANTSUIT/ SKIRT AND TOP/JACKET. Think interviewing for a job. For the younger girls, a nice Sunday/Easter/flower girl dress is what I would suggest. I would not do a pantsuit until you reach the 10-12 age division. There is nothing that says you can’t wear what you want to.

Casual Wear (Personality)

All contestants will individually model their outfits on stage. Once each contestant has modeled on stage, the whole age group will come back on stage for a parade of beauty. Contestants can wear whatever suits their Personality. SHORTS/PANTS/SKIRTS/DRESSES. Casual Wear can be anything you want it to be. This should be a fun, sporty outfit that can be worn to any function whether inside or outdoors, party to afternoon stroll, concert or Social Gathering, whatever mimics your child’s personality. The only stipulation is there are none. I suggest keeping things modest. OLM in the end is still a natural pageant system, so I suggest nothing over the top. I also would not do full on Rhinestones and sequins. It’s not a rule, but that’s not what OLM is looking for.

Party Dress (Beauty Wear)

Party Dress / Evening Gown is our Beauty Wear competition. All contestants will individually model their beauty wear on stage. Once each contestant has modeled on stage, the whole age group will come back on stage for a parade of beauty. Contestants should wear a BEAUTY DRESS! Party Dress/Evening Gowns can have any and all adornment including lace and sheer overlay of any color over any color fabric. Short dresses (0-9 age groups) and Long Gowns for (10 and up groups) We suggest no slits above the knee, 1” straps (0-12), spaghetti straps (13 and up), nothing below the shoulder blades (0-12), and nothing below the waist(13&up). These are again suggestions and guidelines. It’s up to you as to what you feel is modest enough for OLM. We do love sparkle, but no glitz dresses please.


Additional Clothing Guidelines and Suggestions

0-2 Chaperones will be required for each contestant in the 0-2 division. While chaperones are not "judged" you are being looked at by the judges as a team with your baby. We suggest that clothing be appropriate and try to avoid busy or distracting patterns/ designs, low cut tops, pants/skirts that are too short, shirts with large logos/graphic tees, etc. We suggest clothing that complements your baby's attire. Please ask your local director for suggestions or contact the Regional office for further clarification.

Shoes Ages 0-6: Heels on shoes must not go over 1” when measured from inside heel down. Ages 7-9: Heels on shoes must not go over 1.5” when measured from inside heel down. Ages 10 and Up: Shoes should be age appropriate.

Midriff All ages: Midriff should not show in any age division. The midriff should always be covered. We are a modest pageant system and want our girls to dress accordingly.

Clothing Examples

Clothing Examples Ages 0 - 2

Clothing Examples Ages 3 - 6

Clothing Examples Ages 7 - 9

Clothing Examples Ages 10 - 12

Clothing Examples Ages 13 - 15

Clothing Examples Ages 16 - 20

Clothing Examples Ages 21 and Up

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